Addressing the Biggest Challenges & Opportunities

to Solar + Energy Storage in Japan

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08:00-09:00  Registration & Arrival Break

09:00-09:10  Welcome Address

09:10-09:40  Solar Power Generation Trends and Policy Target in Japan

09:40-10:30  Face up to Natural Disasters: Solar + Energy Storge to Secure Energy Independence

Japan has the vulnerability to natural disasters such as powerful earthquake and tsunami, which is also the stimulus for electricity users to utilize energy storage systen to secure energy independence.

11:00-11:50  Fukushima: On the Way to 100% Renewable Energy Hub

Fukushima reinvents itself with a $2.7 billion bet on renewables and  aims to power the region with 100% renewable energy by 2040 of 11 solar and 10 wind farms.

11:50-12:20  Keynote

14:00-14:50  Ensure Long-term Health of Physical Project Assets to Maximize Energy Capture

Progress to reduce equipment downtime, identify under-performing assets, investigate underlying causes, and implement solutions to optimize power curve performance.

14:50-15:40  Achieve Positive Financial Returns in the Mature Solar Market

What players in a mature market like Japan do and how to stand out from the competition. The strengths of monitoring and limiting market risk, identifying insurance needs, overseeing coverage and negotiating claims.

16:10-17:00  Safety and Accountability Standardization of Floating Solar

Japan’s many inland lakes and reservoirs are now home to 73 of the world's 100 largest floating solar plants and account for half of those plants’ 246 MW of solar capacity. Safety and accountability now become the most worth discussing issues.

17:00-17:50  Roadmap towards Solar + Hydrogen Profitable Combination

Japan has a long-term plan to develop and deploy a hydrogen-based energy system. Hydrogen, especially that produced by renewable energy such as solar electrolysis combined with storage is set to become a key domestic source of energy and a potentially lucrative export in Japan.

17:50-18:00  Closing Address

18:00-20:00  Cocktail Party


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