Addressing the Biggest Challenges & Opportunities

to Solar + Energy Storage in Japan

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08:00-09:00  Registration & Arrival Break

09:00-09:10  Welcome Address

09:10-09:40  The Present Situation and Expectatio Smart Grid Application

09:40-10:30  What Corporate Buyer Do to Become a Planet-Friendly Company

What corporate buyer do to increase renewable energy and motivate people to live in a more sustainable (non-fossil/coal) way. 

11:00-11:50  Under Favorable FiT: Residential and C&I from Grid-Feed to Self-Consumption 

With increasing prices, consumers could deploy own solar capacity to reduce grid consumption and supply back into the grid. Whilst the positive FiT for solar installations smaller than 10kW, it might also shift from grid-feed in towards self-consumption over the coming decade.

11:50-12:20  Keynote

14:00-15:15  Advanced Technical Box

14:00-14:25  A: Green Tokyo Green Olympics: Solar Road

Japan aims to host the first Olympic Games powered solely by renewable sources. The solar road system can generate 16,145 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, covering about 9 per cent of the entire electricity the store consumes with solar panels that are installed in the ground.

14:25-14:50  B: Pilot Program: Residential Solar+Storage Owners Participate in VPP

Japan hopes to generate up to 24% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2030, reliant upon smart and flexible energy storage systems. Kyushu Electric Power has begun a pilot program that allows residential solar+storage owners to participate in a virtual power plant via their home batteries.

14:50-15:15  C: Open for Sponsor

15:15-16:05  The New Wave of Digitalization in the Solar Energy Market

The solar industry needs to embrace digitalisation and technology to increase efficiency and automation. It is needed to revolutionize O&M and Asset Management by optimizing processes, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency and effectiveness of PV power plants.  

16:05-16:10  Closing Address


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